Free to play 3v3v3 extraction arena RPG


Experience RPG genre in a unique 3v3v3 format that combines crafting, building character, PvP and PvE together. Fight in multiplayer matches against other players while at the same time battling minions and bosses. And there's loot..if You could make it.
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Faction with access to limited resources and strong sense of competition between each other in pursuit of power.

Due to low amount of available resources, their equipment is unbelievably efficient and sophisticated.



Rich in resources, Brute faction does not mind matching Tech's inventions while ignoring inefficiency.

Contratry to Tech faction too, Brutes share a sense of community and common wealth creating a welcoming space for everyone.


Made with Unity game engine andusing assets designed by in-house team of 3D artists, Project Apidom is a sight to behold when it comes to visual aspect.


Innovative match structure that blends Player vs. Player and Player vs. Environment elements, offering a complex, fast-paced and dynamic battle experience.


In Project Apidom, each won match provides you with XP, Shards and, on rare occasions, items.

Each of them are used towards your Avatar progression - XP for levelling up and using skill points, Shards for buying various shop items and items for different Avatar builds.

Crafting and Item Upgrades

Deep crafting system and item upgrades that enable players to tailor their equipment and abilities to their play style.


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